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Holiday Gift Guide: Faux Fur

Faux Fur Gift Guide

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing my faux fur holiday gift guide, plus a great way to recycle real fur and give back to animals. Faux fur coats make great gifts because they’re so stylish and comfy, but not necessarily something someone would buy for themselves. It’s been amazing to see faux fur options multiplying this year, while real fur products begin to dwindle. I know I say it here on the blog a lot, but there is no reason whatsoever for us to be harming animals for the sake of fashion.

And some big name fashion brands are getting on board with that idea as well. Earlier this fall Gucci announced it will be going fur free in 2018 and the leading online luxury fashion retailer, Net-A-Porter, announced that it will be going fur free too, banning all products containing real fur from their website. Pretty awesome isn’t it? Both brands will now be a part of the Fur Free Alliance. You can check out the Fur Free Alliance site to learn more about why the creation of fur products involves such extreme cruelty, and why it should be banned once and for all.

And if you’ve got some real fur sitting in your closet that you don’t wear anymore or want to get rid of, here’s something wonderful you can do to transition real fur out of your wardrobe while giving back to animals in need. Organizations like Born Free USA and Coats for Cubs will accept donations of your fur coats, hats and accessories to send to animal rehab facilities and sanctuaries. The fur is used to provide comfort, warmth and enrichment to injured, orphaned and rescued wildlife around the country. You can also contact wildlife rehabilitators in your area to see if they can use your old fur products to help their animals in need as well. It’s a pretty great way to make your wardrobe a little kinder and do a good deed at the same time.

Here are my favorite faux fur picks that would make great gifts this holiday season!



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