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  • Wool-Free Winter Accessories

    Long before I ever knew about the cruelty involved in the production of wool, I started to lean toward non-wool winter accessories because wool is so itchy. And while I found wool to be so itchy, I found other materials like acrylic and cotton to be so soft. So, needless to say, once I finally did learn about how wool is produced, I was appalled. I made the official switch to non-wool winter clothes and accessories and they have been keeping me warm, toasty and itch-free ever since. 🙂

    Here are my favorite wool-free accessories this winter.

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  • Feather-Free Winter Coats & Jackets for Men & Women

    It’s time to stock up on warm, cozy winter coats! On this journey to living a more compassionate lifestyle I’ve learned about the suffering involved in the cultivation of down for coats, jackets, comforters and pillows. It’s something that most of us don’t even think twice about, but the truth is that it’s incredibly cruel and often entails plucking the feathers from live birds. If you want to learn the specifics read here or watch this video.

    But as bleak as that sounds, there is some good news. The fashion industry has slowly been shifting and this year there are so many fabulous down alternatives. Just this week I checked my inbox and unexpectedly found an email from Bloomingdale’s titled “SAVE THE DUCK”. It was a feature all about a new brand that makes luxury down-free coats. The email said, “Bird lovers will flock to this environment-friendly label, which uses innovative technology to create a cozy, feather-free fill in its polished puffers.” It fills me with so much hope to see one of the major department stores promoting a compassionate alternative to the industry norm.

    So, I’ve put together a list of my favorite down alternative coats to keep you and your guy toasty warm this winter! My winter coat featured in the photos today is the first one linked below.






    *Photos by Kim-Julie Hansen.

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  • This Season’s Best Vegan Leather Jackets

    I have been so impressed by all the gorgeous, high-quality vegan leather jackets on the market this season! I have #6 and #10 and I’m obsessed with them both. I also have another from H&M that I bought last year that I love and get compliments on all the time. Number 5 is this year’s version from H&M and it looks just as cute. I wore my H&M vegan leather jacket all the time last year and it’s held up so well. You’ll definitely find me wearing it this year too. I hope that this list will show you how fashionable vegan leather can be.

    vegan leather jackets 2016vegan leather jackets 2016

    1| Black Vegan Moto Jacket  (more sizes here)

    2| Blush Vegan Leather Jacket

    3| Black Vegan Leather Jacket with Details

    4| Stone Brown Faux Suede Jacket (only $70)

    5| Biker Jacket with Quilted Details (only $50)

    6| Gray Vegan Moto Jacket

    7| Drapey Vegan Leather Jacket (multiple colors)

    8| Faux Leather & Denim Moto Jacket with Faux Shearling Lining

    9| Lightweight Asymmetrical Vegan Leather Jacket (multiple colors)

    10| Classic Black Vegan Leather Jacket

    11| Faux Fur Collar Faux Leather Jacket

    12| Oxblood Vegan Moto Jacket

    uo vegan leather

    13| Black Hooded Vegan Leather Jacket

    14| Metallic Vegan Moto Jacket

    15| Black Vegan Moto Jacket

    16| Navy Pebbled Belted Moto Jacket

    17| Black Pebbled Belted Moto Jacket

    18| Faux Fur Moto Jacket

    And some food for thought: People tend to think that real leather is more expensive than vegan/faux leather because it is in some way inherently better than vegan leather or other man made fabrics. But that’s truly not the case. Genuine leather is not inherently better. It’s inherently skin. Genuine leather is more expensive because of the cost of creating it. Real leather isn’t made in a factory. It’s made in a womb. And then it is born and raised and must be cared for (albeit in horrible conditions) for years before it can be turned into your new leather jacket, shoes or bag. Real leather is expensive because a full life has to be created and cared for in order to make it. And this process is not only taxing on the animal, but taxing on the planet as well. The real reason that genuine leather is more expensive than faux is because raising animals takes time and money. And it also takes a life.