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  • This Season’s Best Vegan Leather Jackets

    I have been so impressed by all the gorgeous, high-quality vegan leather jackets on the market this season! I have #6 and #10 and I’m obsessed with them both. I also have another from H&M that I bought last year that I love and get compliments on all the time. Number 5 is this year’s version from H&M and it looks just as cute. I wore my H&M vegan leather jacket all the time last year and it’s held up so well. You’ll definitely find me wearing it this year too. I hope that this list will show you how fashionable vegan leather can be.

    vegan leather jackets 2016vegan leather jackets 2016

    1| Black Vegan Moto Jacket  (more sizes here)

    2| Blush Vegan Leather Jacket

    3| Black Vegan Leather Jacket with Details

    4| Stone Brown Faux Suede Jacket (only $70)

    5| Biker Jacket with Quilted Details (only $50)

    6| Gray Vegan Moto Jacket

    7| Drapey Vegan Leather Jacket (multiple colors)

    8| Faux Leather & Denim Moto Jacket with Faux Shearling Lining

    9| Lightweight Asymmetrical Vegan Leather Jacket (multiple colors)

    10| Classic Black Vegan Leather Jacket

    11| Faux Fur Collar Faux Leather Jacket

    12| Oxblood Vegan Moto Jacket

    uo vegan leather

    13| Black Hooded Vegan Leather Jacket

    14| Metallic Vegan Moto Jacket

    15| Black Vegan Moto Jacket

    16| Navy Pebbled Belted Moto Jacket

    17| Black Pebbled Belted Moto Jacket

    18| Faux Fur Moto Jacket

    And some food for thought: People tend to think that real leather is more expensive than vegan/faux leather because it is in some way inherently better than vegan leather or other man made fabrics. But that’s truly not the case. Genuine leather is not inherently better. It’s inherently skin. Genuine leather is more expensive because of the cost of creating it. Real leather isn’t made in a factory. It’s made in a womb. And then it is born and raised and must be cared for (albeit in horrible conditions) for years before it can be turned into your new leather jacket, shoes or bag. Real leather is expensive because a full life has to be created and cared for in order to make it. And this process is not only taxing on the animal, but taxing on the planet as well. The real reason that genuine leather is more expensive than faux is because raising animals takes time and money. And it also takes a life.



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  • 25 Things You May Not Know About Me


    If you read my blog or follow me on social media, a few things are pretty clear: I eat a vegan diet. I love animals. I live in NYC. But then there’s so much you would never know about me just from reading my blog. For instance, that I’m pretty sarcastic or where I went to school or what my more traditional day job is. So today on the blog I’m sharing 25 things you may not know about me! Let’s go:

    1. Tedi is my full name – it’s not short for anything.
    2. I grew up in Minneapolis but I’ve also lived in Boston, Chicago and, now, NYC.
    3. I went to college at Boston University and grad school at Northwestern University.
    4. I have a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, with a specialization in child assessment and intervention.
    5. My day job is working with children facing medical traumas.
    6. My favorite blog post I’ve ever written is this one.
    7. My most popular blog post is this one.
    8. One of my favorite books is The Secret.
    9. Fostering animals is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I do. I’m so grateful every single day to have started doing it.
    10. When I first moved to NYC it was just to try it out for three months…that was two and a half years ago!
    11. My New York apartment is the smallest one I’ve ever had, but also my favorite one I’ve ever had.
    12. I used to be fluent in American Sign Language. I’m out of practice now but every once in a while I get to use it at work and it comes back to me.
    13. One of the prettiest places I’ve ever visited is St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can read my full post on it here and see my pics of St. John’s gorgeous crystal clear water.
    14. I changed my diet and started my blog after reading My Beef With Meat. You can read my full post on how it led me to change my diet and start my blog here.
    15. Long before I started eating a plant-based diet one of my good friends told me she was giving up meat and dairy and I told her she was crazy (so rude of me!). But just goes to show how much people can change!
    16. My friends say I have “Tedi-isms” aka things I say that are meant to be really positive but I have my own special way of articulating them. For example, you’ll often hear me say “I’m so happy I’m mad.” or “I love this so much I want to throw it across the room.” or “That is so cute I feel sick.” I think it’s an overextension of cute aggression (look it up, it’s a real thing!). So if you hear me say something like, “OMG that’s so cute it makes me want to puke!” know it’s meant to be a good thing. And there will be no real puking. 🙂
    17. I used to have bad seasonal allergies and I don’t anymore! I attribute the fact that I don’t to a combination of homeopathy and a dairy-free diet.
    18. For a long time after going vegan, the thought of eating meat and dairy didn’t gross me out, but after a few years something shifted and now it really does.
    19. Dairy actually grosses me out even more than meat.
    20. Farmers markets are seriously one of my favorite things.
    21. My favorite way to get around New York is walking. If the walk is under 50 minutes, and I don’t have to have heels on, chances are I’m walking. Because of that more often than not you’ll find me in sneakers.
    22. I just checked my phone and last month I walked an average of 3.9 miles per day.
    23. I’m not really blonde. I’m naturally brunette and it wasn’t until after college that I colored my hair for the first time. I’ve been blonde ever since.
    24. I’m an expert celebrity spotter and really good at painting nails.
    25. It means so much to me when non-vegan people tell me they tried something vegan because of  me.



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  • Meet Peachy


    Meet Peachy. My current foster dog. This little lady is in the market for someone to love her, cherish her and give her all the belly rubs a girl could ask for, for as long as she lives. She’s looking for someone who will accept her even if she can’t see very well and even if she decides to growl at big dogs on occasion, because hey, she had to learn to survive on the streets of NYC, so how could you blame her for being cautious when meeting someone new? She’s looking for someone who promises to never, ever dump her in a park again to fend for herself, shivering through the night just hoping to make it to the next day…

    In return she promises to greet you everyday with more excitement than you’ve probably ever received before. She promises to make sure you’re safe and warm by snuggling with you quietly whenever you have to get work done. And she promises to always wag her tail when you talk to her, just to let you know how much your very being makes her happy.

    Peachy is my 11th foster dog. She is sweet as can be, especially once she gets to know you. She was found by a good samaritan all by herself in a park at 5:30 in the morning, most likely dumped there by someone who didn’t want her anymore. Something that happens far too often. She will be so loyal to her forever person, as she’s already so loyal to me. As you can tell from her photos she has cataracts that have left her visually impaired, but despite those impairments she gets around incredibly well. She sometimes gets a little nervous around strangers, but like I said, how could you blame her?

    She gives the best greetings ever. Whether you’re coming home after 2 minutes away or two hours, she will literally jump for joy whenever she sees you. Fostering Peachy has truly been a privilege. She deserves nothing but love for the rest of her life. If you’re interested in adopting Peachy, you can email me at tedi@tedisarah.com.



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  • 30 Stylish Leather-Free Fall Boots

    It’s finally here! My list of 30 (yes thirty!!) stylish leather-free fall boots. I have been absolutely scouring the internet for the very best leather-free fall fashion. Putting this list together took days of searching all my favorite websites, cross checking with other websites to make sure the boots were leather-free, and reaching out to brands directly to confirm when I still wasn’t 100% sure. In years past it has been such a challenge to find leather-free boots that are actually cute. But you’ll see below that this year even designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Ash, Sam Edelman, Jeffery Campbell and Calvin Klein now offer high quality faux-leather options.

    The whole purpose of my blog is to make animal-free products more accessible to everyone. Because the truth of the matter is that leather comes from an industry that breeds horrific cruelty. And most people will never take the time to consider what’s truly behind the leather they buy.

    So that’s where I come in. My goal is to do the work for you. I’ll find you clothing and accessories that are cute first, vegan second. Whether animal welfare is on your radar or not, you can put your money toward boots like these because they look good, plain and simple. And when it is this easy to make fashion choices that don’t harm animals, why wouldn’t we?


    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Sam Edelman | 5  | 6 | 7  | 8 | 9 (made from recycled plastic!) | 10 | 11 Jeffery Campbell | 12 | 13 | 14 Sam Edelman (also comes in black) | 15


    16 Rebecca Minkoff | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 Ash | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30