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  • Pure Genius Brownies & Blondies

    Pure GeniusPure GeniusPure GeniusPure GeniusPure GeniusPure GeniusHow good do these brownies and blondies look right about now? Would you believe me if I told you they’re actually good for you?? Not just not bad for you, but good for you! That’s because these sweet treats by Pure Genius are made with a special ingredient at the core of their recipes…beans!

    Pure Genius was created by a former health journalist and certified health coach who had one objective when she set out to satisfy her sweet tooth: to make the most incredible tasting healthy treats ever. And she did just that. The blondies and brownies are made of wholesome ingredients like whole beans, oats, maple syrup and dairy-free chocolate. They use garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas) as their sweet treat bean of choice and it’s amazing how delicious they taste. Because of those wholesome ingredients the bars are high in protein, high in fiber and low in calories. (Not that calories matter when you’re eating whole, plant-based foods, but hey, just sayin’.) They are also gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, nut-free, soy-free and kosher.

    For me they are the perfect late night snack to indulge in without any guilt. I had one last night while watching Odd Mom Out and it was tasty and absolutely satisfied my desire for something sweet. You can buy Pure Genius brownies and blondies directly on the Pure Genius website or check out their store locator for retailers near you.



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  • Fashion Finds

    Today I’m sharing some of my favorite fashion finds. Everything I’m featuring is free of animal derived fabrics and materials (aka everything is vegan!). It’s been so great to see vegan brands beginning to have mainstream appeal. The lavender backpack below is by vegan handbag designers Matt & Nat, and it’s now being sold on Nordstrom! That is a big deal. Check out all my favorite finds!FashionFashionPicMonkey Collage2

    1 // Lavender Vegan Leather Backpack

    2 // Ivory Midi Dress

    3 // Metallic Colorblock Clutch

    4 // Nude Flat

    5 // Rose Gold Clutch with Ring Detail

    6 // Nude Heeled Sandals

    7 // Nude Lace Up Pump

    8 // Tie Dye Makeup Bag

    9 // Embroidered Mesh Maxi Dress

    10 // Powder Blue Wrap Dress

    11 // Off Shoulder Floral Sundress



    P.S. If you want more vegan fashion inspiration follow @thekindcollection on Instagram.


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  • My Foster Dogs

    I have so much love for each of the dogs I’ve fostered. Each night before I fall asleep I still think of them and send them good wishes and lots of love. I have fostered eight dogs since I first started in 2015. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I foster. I always thought it would be too painful. As such a dog lover, how could I ever form such a close bond with an animal and then have to say goodbye to them once they are adopted? And trust me, for me, the goodbyes always do involve tears. But these are a special type of tears. Normally when we say goodbye to someone or something we have loved, it’s colored with loss, grief, pain, and sadness. But these goodbyes are unique in that they are not marked by the feelings of loss alone. These goodbyes are overwhelmingly about new beginnings, love, happiness and a forever family for a creature that once had no one to call their own. And while the goodbyes can be painful at first, take my word for it, they are so worth it.

    VanessaMeet Vanessa. Vanessa was my first foster dog ever. She was a teeny tiny six-week-old puppy when I first started fostering her. She is a black lab/Australian shepherd mix that came from a hoarding case. I had her for about two months. As you can tell, she was cute as can be. She now lives with an amazing family in the suburbs of New York.IMG_8509Meet Koby. He was such a sweetie! I picked him up directly from Manhattan Animal Care and Control (ACC). Koby was just a bundle of love. I temp fostered him for just a few days before he went to his permanent foster home.KobyI saw Koby at a shelter adoption event, about a week after I had fostered him. He remembered me immediately. When I opened his cage door to say hi he literally leapt into my arms and showered me with non-stop kisses. After rescuing him from ACC, and just giving him a warm place to sleep, good food and lots of love, he was clearly so, so grateful. The picture below is from that day at the shelter.koby Meet Sophia. Sophia was such a sweetie too. Sadly, she was in rough shape when I got her. She was originally found as a stray. She was a senior dog and was missing the fur on her body. Since she came in as a stray it was hard to know exactly what happened to her fur. Luckily with good nutrition, lots of love and a cozy sweater, she was warm and comfortable and on her way to being healthy again. She always looked like she had a smile on her face. She just wanted to follow me around and make me happy.SophiaMeet Tum Tum or Tummy, as I liked to called him. You may remember him from my Instagram account. Everyone on the street always stopped to talk to him because of his cute little grin with his tongue hanging out. He was also a senior dog, very well-behaved and easy to take care of. His favorite activity was sitting on my lap. FullSizeRender 52 I mean…that face! C’mon!Tum TumTum TumTum TumWhat I would wake up to in the morning… 🙂 Tum TumMeet Oliver. Oliver was such a heartbreaking case in the beginning, but he had quite the happy ending. He showed up at ACC as a stray with an eye that was terribly injured and almost falling out of his head. Animal Haven, the shelter I’m involved with, scooped him up and got him the veterinary care he needed to remove his eye and alleviate his pain. After having him for a few days I realized that not only was Oliver down one eye, but he was deaf too! He didn’t let those special needs stop him at all. He made a miraculous recovery and in no time was happy as can be, running up and down my hallways like a puppy. I fostered him for about three weeks before he was adopted and moved to Jersey. You can read my full post on Oliver and his story, hereOliverSnuggling makes everything better. For humans and animals alike.Oliver Oliver OliverOliverHow cute is he in his little red sweater? I loved taking photos of him with my real camera.
    Oliver However, he wasn’t always happy to sit for his photoshoots…OliverMeet Stevia and Agave. Stevia and Agave were the first twosome I fostered. These girls were adorable. When I started fostering them they were eight-weeks-old. They are chihuahua/dachshund mixes and sweet as can be. Their personalities were so different. Stevia, the one standing up, just wanted to be held. She was quiet and well-behaved. Agave on the other hand was full of energy and super playful! These girls came from a hoarding situation as well.Stevia & AgaveThis photo below sums up their personalities perfectly. Stevia, cuddling, looking up into my eyes…Agave in the background on her back, blurry from moving around and being so playful.Stevia Play hard, nap hard.Stevia & Agave There’s really nothing like waking up in the morning to a warm little puppy draped across your neck.Agave Agave & SteviaMeet Dickey. Dickey was my longest foster. I had him for over four months. Dickey is a senior dog and he is blind and deaf. Even with his special needs he was well-behaved and easy to housetrain. He was my longest foster just because he needed time to find the right home that would love him to pieces and knew how to care for his special needs. I love this little guy so much!Dickey A totally candid moment I captured below. Did they communicate somehow to all lay this way? Was it a total coincidence? I’ll never know for sure, but whatever it was, it sure felt special to see the bunnies and the blind/deaf doggy all sitting together like this.FullSizeRender 51dickeyDickey & HenryFeeling the breeze through his fur and happy as can be!

    All the guys and girls I’ve fostered have been adopted, but keep in mind that this is just a glimpse into the millions of animals looking for their forever homes each year. If you’re thinking of adding a new furry friend to your family please consider adoption so you can save a life and end up with an amazing forever friend just like Vanessa, Koby, Sophia, Tum Tum, Oliver, Stevia, Agave or Dickey. ♥

    If you have questions about fostering or adopting, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.



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  • Rescue Chocolate

    Rescue ChocolateRescue ChocolateRescue ChocolateRescue ChocolateRescue Chocolate Rescue ChocolateRescue Chocolate

    This is part of why I love having a blog. So I can help spread the word about great companies and brands doing great things. Rescue Chocolate is one of those brands. Rescue Chocolate was started by Sarah Gross, a chocolate loving girl who also loves animals. Sarah got the great idea to combine those two loves into a brand that benefits animals, all while giving us humans something delicious to eat.

    Rescue Chocolate sells artisan, organic, vegan chocolate bars. A portion of sales from every chocolate bar goes to animal welfare organizations around the world. Some of the rescues they’ve helped are Foster Dogs NYC, No Kill Advocacy Center, Petfinder Foundation, Old Dog Haven, The Sato Project, Jerusalem SPCA, Farm Sanctuary, House Rabbit Society, United Animal Nations, Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti and many more. How cool is that? You can see the full list of organizations they’ve helped here.

    These chocolates make the best gift idea. Not only will the person receiving the chocolate bars love eating them, but you’ll all feel good knowing your money helped animals in need. As for flavors, the Peanut Butter Pit Bull is my absolute favorite Rescue Chocolate bar. It’s made with dark chocolate, peanut butter and toasted rice for added crunch! Other flavors include Forever Mocha, Foster-iffic Peppermint, Fakin’ Bacon, Pick Me Pepper, The Fix (pure dark chocolate), Salted Caramel Bow-Wow Bon Bons, Like White (vegan white chocolate – a rare find!), Bananas Foster Dogs and Mission Feral Fig.

    So keep Rescue Chocolate in mind next time you’re looking for a great, thoughtful gift to give. You can buy Rescue Chocolate directly from rescuechocolate.com or at these retailers. As their site says, Rescue Chocolate is the sweetest way to save a life. 🙂



    P.S. Rescue Chocolate bars are for consumption by humans only. No pups!