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  • Vegan at Free People

    You guys know I’m all about fashion that’s free of animal skins and furs. In my book, there’s really no reason whatsoever that an animal should lose its life, or suffer, in order for me to dress well. Right? But, at the same time, I still like fashion. I still like to follow current trends. I still like the same stores I always liked. And I still like the same brands I always liked too. So, when I decided I wanted to shop a little kinder, I didn’t abandon all my connections to the mainstream world – not at all! Instead I learned how to shop more consciously and how to discern what clothing and accessories are made of.

    Because of how I like to shop, now I have a real sweet spot for mainstream brands that have vegan friendly options. When I hop on a brand’s website and see the word “vegan” anywhere on it, it makes me so happy! And one major brand I wanted to highlight today that offers vegan friendly options is Free People. Free People even goes as far as having a whole vegan shoes section on their website!

    Up above you can see two of the Free People pieces I’ve been wearing this season. The skirt is the cotton This Way or That Mini Skirt, which I love and have in black and white. I also have been wearing the super cute Dip Die Cut Off Shorts (above) and the Jax Denim One Piece Overalls, which are both made of cotton too.

    Below I’ve put together a list below of my current vegan friendly Free People favorites. Wish I had it all! So, so cute…and animal friendly! Which pieces are your favorite??


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  • Hello, Again!

    Hi guys! It’s been a hot minute. I ended up taking a totally unplanned hiatus from the blog because I had a whirlwind month of traveling, work at my hospital job (which I love, but at times it can be really intense!), and biggest of all…turning 30! Somehow with all that happening all my time to work on my blog just slipped away. But now I’m back and I’ve got so many great things planned for the blog this summer.

    I had some mixed feelings about turning 30, but now that all the hoopla and anticipation is over, and my 30s are actually here, I’ve settled into this new decade of my life with so much happiness and gratitude. And as you can tell above I was extra happy with my delicious birthday cake from Vegan Divas, which is located here in NYC and delivers to all 50 states. I also had a fabulous birthday dinner at one of my favorite little spots, Ladybird, in the West Village.

    As my birthday was approaching I really took time to reflect on what I’ve learned these past 30 years. I certainly don’t have all the answers in life, but at the same time, I’ve learned so much. There’s so much knowledge that I bring with me as I step into my 30s that my 15, 20 or 25 year old self didn’t know – or at least didn’t believe with as much conviction as I do now. So today I wanted to share with you 17 of those tidbits of wisdom – both big and small – that I’m bringing with me into this new chapter of my life.

    Some of it is lighthearted and some of it is serious. Some of it is based in science and some of it is based in a more spiritual realm. Some of it I learned formally in graduate school for counseling psychology, or in my professional work, and some of it I learned in my own real life. Some of it I learned from happy experiences and some of it I learned from very sad experiences. But at the end of the day, as I step into this new chapter of my life, these are the things I’ve learned that hold true and resonate with me, and just maybe, they’ll resonate with some of you. 🙂 Here we go…

    1. We can get every single nutrient we need from plant foods.
    2. Spend 90% of your time at the grocery store in the produce section to ensure you’re filling your grocery cart and body with the healthiest foods, grown directly from the Earth.
    3. Erase everything you think you know about health and nutrition and start over with a life changing book like Whole.
    4. Disease like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, etc. need not exist to the degree they do and can be largely cured and controlled by diet. (Read Whole from #3 above to learn more).
    5. Feeding our pets real food is a great way to ensure they live long, healthy lives.
    6. Loving a dog and being loved by a dog is one of life’s most rewarding experiences.
    7. The Secret is real. As is The Power and The Magic.
    8. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a f&*%ing duck.
    9. There are zero reasons to make animals suffer for the sake of fashion.
    10. Even the most crushing emotional pain eases with time.
    11. This one I’ve learned firsthand from my work at a children’s hospital: With the right therapeutic support, kids facing unimaginable challenges can be so incredibly resilient.
    12. Forgiveness is so important. So is setting boundaries and taking care of yourself.
    13. The cure for the pain is in the pain.
    14. If you’ve been through a trauma, therapy and EMDR can be so incredibly helpful.
    15. The most important message to tell someone when they are hurting is, “I See You“.
    16. When it comes to love, never, ever settle.
    17. Good things come to those who wait. 🙂



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  • The Impossible Burger

    impossible burgerimpossible burgerimpossible burger
    Check out this delicious, juicy, meaty burger…made completely out of plants! This is the famous Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods, and it was incredible. Mark my words, this burger is going to revolutionize the food industry.

    The Impossible Burger has been on my radar for months, ever since it made its first appearance at Momofuku Nishi in NYC. Foodies have been lining up to try this impossibly meaty vegan burger. I finally tried it out at Crossroads Kitchen in LA and I was blown away. I’ve had my fair share of delicious veggie burgers, but the Impossible Burger is in a league of its own because it tastes, smells, sizzles and even bleeds (yes bleeds!) just like beef.

    According to the Impossible Foods website, the creators of the Impossible Burger spent five years “studying the sights, sounds, aromas, textures and flavors” of beef – and how they could be recreated with plants. The main ingredients in the burger are wheat, coconut oil and potatoes. But the key to this burger is heme. That’s right, heme…as in what makes blood. Heme is a building block of all life, including plant life. But it’s abundantly more prevalent in meat, and that’s what lends a real beef burger its signature flavor. With a team of scientists, farmers and chefs, Impossible Foods found a way to isolate heme in plants and created this vegan burger that can fool even the most ardent meat lover.

    And in addition to its flavor, the best part of this beefy burger is that no cows are used to create it. That makes the Impossible Burger so much better for the planet and for our health. The Impossible Burger uses 95% less land, 74% less water and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than burgers made from cows. And when it comes to our health, we know that beef is so hard on our bodies, especially our hearts. But since the Impossible Burger is made from plants it is so much easier on our bodies. It’s also 100% free of hormones, antibiotics and artificial ingredients, unlike most ground beef used in burgers.

    The Impossible Burger and its creators are no doubt going to change the face of food. So take note, and run, don’t walk, to try it out!

    Here’s where you can currently find the Impossible Burger as of April 2017.

    • Momofuku Nishi – New York, NY
    • Bareburger (La Guardia Place) – New York, NY
    • Public – New York, NY
    • The Daily – New York, NY
    • Saxon + Parole – New York, NY
    • Cockscomb – San Francisco, CA
    • Jardinière – San Francisco, CA
    • Crossroads Kitchen – Los Angeles, CA
    • Kornnerburger – Oakland, CA
    • Public House – San Francisco, CA
    • Vina Entoeca – Palo Alto, CA

    For an up to date list of where you can find the Impossible Burger, check out the Impossible Foods website, here. Each restaurant has their own way of doctoring up the burger, and some use cheese, so if you’re like me and want to keep it healthiest and cruelty-free, be sure to ask for the vegan version!



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  • Vegan White Pizza

    Vegan White PizzaVegan White PizzaVegan White PizzaVegan White PizzaVegan White Pizza

    Does garlicky, ooey, gooey, white pizza sound good to you? Because it sure sounds good to me. Especially when it’s a garlicky, ooey, gooey, vegan white pizza, like this one. If you haven’t realized yet, I’m all about recipes that are delicious, healthy and really easy to make. And this pizza is just that. It’s perfect for pizza night or great cut up in small pieces as a crowd pleasing appetizer. In fact, this white pizza is so good, my foster dog Belle, who is so well-behaved and never begs for food, tried to steal a piece right out of my hand as I was about to put it in my mouth!

    For this recipe I use two of my favorite vegan cheeses. One is a cashew based vegan mozzarella made by Miyoko’s Kitchen and the other is a vegan parmesan made by Follow Your Heart. I buy both dairy-free cheeses at my local Whole Foods. The combination of the two cheeses really makes this pizza something special. I also buy my crust at Whole Foods. It’s pre-made by a local pizzeria and comes ready to be baked.

    If you’ve never tried anything vegan before, this is definitely a great recipe to try. It’s sure to satisfy any pizza lover, vegan or not. 🙂

    Vegan White Pizza



    1. Preheat oven according to pizza crust package instructions.
    2. Place dough in pizza pan. Once flattened, brush dough with olive oil. Season with garlic powder.
    3. Top with vegan cheese. Bake according to crust instructions. This normally takes around 10 minutes.
    4. Remove from oven, top with Italian seasoning. Eat and enjoy!


    • If you want to get real fancy you can roast your own garlic and spread that on the dough instead of the garlic powder.
    • If you don’t have Italian seasoning you can use any of the following you have on hand: dried basil, oregano, rosemary and/or thyme.