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  • Two Must Watch Films on Netflix: Okja & What the Health

    As soon as I finished watching Okja and What the Health, I knew I wanted to share them with you here on the blog. Both of these Netflix films are incredibly thought-provoking and eye-opening. I’ve been thinking about them over and over again ever since I first saw them.

    Both films cover controversial topics like the food industry, government, big business, factory farming, science and ethics. And both films are so powerful in their own rights that I really believe they have the ability to evoke so much positive change.

    Okja is a fictional story about the relationship between corporate greed and the food industry. It takes place in the future and follows the life of Okja, a genetically modified super pig created to revolutionize how we eat. What the Health is a current documentary that examines big business, its role in our healthcare system and what things really make us sick.

    While Okja will move you with its ethical examination of the food industry, What the Health will shock you with its scientific examination of the very same thing. And to me, as someone already in the plant-based world and fully embracing it, part of what makes these films so compelling is that while being such drastically different films, they both end up leaving us with the same message. Whether it’s for the sake of the planet, the sake of our health, or the sake of all living beings, both films encourage us to question the status quo when it comes to what we put on our plates.

    You can check out the trailers for Okja and What the Health below, and watch them in their entirety on Netflix. Hope you guys find them as inspiring as I do!



    P.S. As I’m sitting here outside finishing this post, two men just sat down at the table right next to me and started talking about What the Health, Okja and how inspiring they both were! So don’t just take my word for it, take these guys’ word for it too! 😉




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  • Vegan at Free People

    You guys know I’m all about fashion that’s free of animal skins and furs. In my book, there’s really no reason whatsoever that an animal should lose its life, or suffer, in order for me to dress well. Right? But, at the same time, I still like fashion. I still like to follow current trends. I still like the same stores I always liked. And I still like the same brands I always liked too. So, when I decided I wanted to shop a little kinder, I didn’t abandon all my connections to the mainstream world – not at all! Instead I learned how to shop more consciously and how to discern what clothing and accessories are made of.

    Because of how I like to shop, now I have a real sweet spot for mainstream brands that have vegan friendly options. When I hop on a brand’s website and see the word “vegan” anywhere on it, it makes me so happy! And one major brand I wanted to highlight today that offers vegan friendly options is Free People. Free People even goes as far as having a whole vegan shoes section on their website!

    Up above you can see two of the Free People pieces I’ve been wearing this season. The skirt is the cotton This Way or That Mini Skirt, which I love and have in black and white. I also have been wearing the super cute Dip Die Cut Off Shorts (above) and the Jax Denim One Piece Overalls, which are both made of cotton too.

    Below I’ve put together a list below of my current vegan friendly Free People favorites. Wish I had it all! So, so cute…and animal friendly! Which pieces are your favorite??


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  • The Impossible Burger

    impossible burgerimpossible burgerimpossible burger
    Check out this delicious, juicy, meaty burger…made completely out of plants! This is the famous Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods, and it was incredible. Mark my words, this burger is going to revolutionize the food industry.

    The Impossible Burger has been on my radar for months, ever since it made its first appearance at Momofuku Nishi in NYC. Foodies have been lining up to try this impossibly meaty vegan burger. I finally tried it out at Crossroads Kitchen in LA and I was blown away. I’ve had my fair share of delicious veggie burgers, but the Impossible Burger is in a league of its own because it tastes, smells, sizzles and even bleeds (yes bleeds!) just like beef.

    According to the Impossible Foods website, the creators of the Impossible Burger spent five years “studying the sights, sounds, aromas, textures and flavors” of beef – and how they could be recreated with plants. The main ingredients in the burger are wheat, coconut oil and potatoes. But the key to this burger is heme. That’s right, heme…as in what makes blood. Heme is a building block of all life, including plant life. But it’s abundantly more prevalent in meat, and that’s what lends a real beef burger its signature flavor. With a team of scientists, farmers and chefs, Impossible Foods found a way to isolate heme in plants and created this vegan burger that can fool even the most ardent meat lover.

    And in addition to its flavor, the best part of this beefy burger is that no cows are used to create it. That makes the Impossible Burger so much better for the planet and for our health. The Impossible Burger uses 95% less land, 74% less water and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than burgers made from cows. And when it comes to our health, we know that beef is so hard on our bodies, especially our hearts. But since the Impossible Burger is made from plants it is so much easier on our bodies. It’s also 100% free of hormones, antibiotics and artificial ingredients, unlike most ground beef used in burgers.

    The Impossible Burger and its creators are no doubt going to change the face of food. So take note, and run, don’t walk, to try it out!

    Here’s where you can currently find the Impossible Burger as of April 2017.

    • Momofuku Nishi – New York, NY
    • Bareburger (La Guardia Place) – New York, NY
    • Public – New York, NY
    • The Daily – New York, NY
    • Saxon + Parole – New York, NY
    • Cockscomb – San Francisco, CA
    • Jardinière – San Francisco, CA
    • Crossroads Kitchen – Los Angeles, CA
    • Kornnerburger – Oakland, CA
    • Public House – San Francisco, CA
    • Vina Entoeca – Palo Alto, CA

    For an up to date list of where you can find the Impossible Burger, check out the Impossible Foods website, here. Each restaurant has their own way of doctoring up the burger, and some use cheese, so if you’re like me and want to keep it healthiest and cruelty-free, be sure to ask for the vegan version!