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    By ChloeBy ChloeBy Chloeby chloeBy ChloeBy Chloe
    If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know I’m a fan of By Chloe. By Chloe opened last summer and has had lines out the door ever since. With its new location in LA, and more expansion on the horizon here in NYC, By Chloe is certainly making a name for itself. One of my favorite things about By Chloe is that this 100% vegan restaurant attracts everyone, whether you’re vegan or not. The food just tastes great and that’s what draws people in. At By Chloe the menu features salads, sandwiches, sides and a delicious weekend brunch menu.

    By Chloe offers counter service therefore, because of its popularity, it can be hard to get a table at the restaurant. So it’s not great for large groups. However, By Chloe is just a few blocks down from Washington Square Park, making it the perfect place to grab your food before heading up to the park to enjoy it.

    Here are some of my favorite items on the menu at By Chloe:

    • Pesto Meatball Sub: Italian meatballs (portobello + veggie), marinara, sweet peppers, basil pesto, cashew mozz, almond parm, potato sub roll
    • Quinoa Taco Salad: spicy seitan chorizo, black beans, sweet corn, avocado, tomato, tortilla strips, vegan crèma, agave-lime vinaigrette
    • Whiskey BBQ Sandwich: smoky portobello mushrooms & seitan, sautéed kale, onion marmalade, grilled pineapple, bourbon bbq sauce, potato bun
    • The Early Bird: scrambled organic tofu, spinach, maple sausage, market greens, 7-grain toast, avocado, hot sauce
    • Smashed Avocado Toast: seasonal veggie, almond parm, 7-grain toast
    • Kale Artichoke Dip: comes with almond parm and tortilla chips
    • Mac n’ Cheese: sweet potato-cashew cheese sauce, shiitake bacon, almond parm
    • Air Baked Fries: great with the beet ketchup and chipotle aioli

    By Chloe is located at 185 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012.



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  • Le Botaniste

    Le Botaniste
    Le BotanisteLe BotanisteLe BotanisteLe Botaniste

    Le Pain Quotidien’s got a new sister in town and she’s vegan! This past February the people behind Le Pain Quotidien opened Le Botaniste, a 100% botanical (aka plant-based) restaurant located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Just like its LPQ counterpart, Le Botaniste was born in Belgium before going international and coming to the States. And in addition to being completely plant-based, the food at Le Botaniste is also gluten-free and organic. The whole concept behind Le Botaniste is healthy, delicious, plant-based, organic food that is good for our health and for the planet.

    Le Botaniste truly takes the Hippocrates quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” to heart. The restaurant is fashioned to look like an old-time apothecary, where in past times people would come in search of cures for their ailments. But here at this modern-day apothecary the walls house glass jars filled with healthy food instead of medicine, and the staff wearing white lab coats dispense that healthy food instead of pills. Above the menu on the wall you’ll even see it says “Prescriptions”, with all the nourishing food items written out below. Le Botaniste gives us a place where we can do just what Hippocrates recommended…fuel our bodies with healthy, clean, life-sustaining foods that not only prevent disease, but can treat it as well. Think of Le Botaniste as a place you can go to get a genuinely healthy dose of food-as-medicine.

    And if you’re wondering what to get, here are some of my favorite dishes at Le Botaniste.

    What to order:

    • Mezze Platter for Two: green pea hummus, red beet tartare, seaweed tartare, coconut ceviche
    • Seaweed Tartare: whether in the mezze platter or on its own – so good!
    • Spicy Chili Sin Carne: quinoa, chili sauce, mixed beans, vegan sour cream, turmeric onions
    • Tibetan Mama Rice Bowl: brown rice, peanut curry, steamed greens, kimchi
    • Build Your Own Botanical Bowl: choose from an assortment of items
    • Detox Juice: ginger, beetroot, apple

    Le Botaniste is located at 833 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10065.



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  • What to Order at: Le Pain Quotidien

    Did you know Le Pain Quotidien restaurants have a ton of plant-based (aka vegan) options on their menus? There are Le Pains all over the world so chances are you may have seen one of their restaurants before. And if not, with their continued expansion, they may pop up in your city soon. Fresh, simple and pure ingredients are at the core of Le Pain’s menus, and it shows in their food. I have been a fan of LPQ for years, and love that there are so many locations in NYC. It’s got a casual, relaxed vibe with an emphasis on healthy, high quality, delicious food….and that is a combination I’m all about!


    You’ll always know an item is 100% plant-based/vegan at LPQ when you see a little carrot symbol next to the item on the menu. Their menu changes seasonally and also varies slightly from location to location. Here are some of the tasty vegan items on their current menu for you to check out:

    • avocado toast with citrus cumin salt, organic chia seeds and extra virgin olive oil (always a favorite!)
    • six vegetable tart with artichoke, vegetables and tofu on gluten-free buckwheat crust and a seasonal green salad
    • hummus tartine with shaved vegetables, walnuts, golden raisins and harissa
    • lentil and avocado salad with organic lentils, carrot, radish, fennel, wild arugula, sunflower seeds and lemon dijon vinaigrette
    • kale caesar with a cashew-miso dressing (love this salad – hold the parmesan)
    • spiced sweet potato & coconut soup
    • the botanist platter with quinoa taboulé, hummus and avocado mash
    • organic coconut and chia seed pudding (I always grab this to go for a snack)
    • fresh fruit salad
    • organic blueberry muffins
    • organic banana crunola with raw granola, raspberries and coconut cashew butter
    • organic steel-cut oatmeal with organic bananas, walnuts and fresh berries
    • organic brown rice pudding
    • organic baker’s basket
    • organic mini carrot cake (love!)
    • apple cherry cake
    • hazelnut flûte



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  • Best of Vegan: Our 7 Favorite Healthy Restaurants in NYC

    I’m excited to share that I’ve teamed up with Kim of @bestofvegan and @brusselsvegan to bring you a list of seven of the tastiest healthy restaurants in NYC. You know the famous Hippocrates quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food?” Well these seven restaurants live that principle. The focus of their menus is on nourishing, health supportive, plant-based foods from the Earth. And want to know a beautiful theme I noticed along the way while visiting these restaurants? Not only do these restaurants want to provide their customers with healthy, nourishing food, but they aim to provide their customers with good energy too. They all, in one way or another, are focused on living a little kinder and a little gentler for our bodies, our souls, others and the planet. So, with good food and good energy in mind, here are our favorite healthy spots.

    Sun In Bloom

    Sun in BloomSun In Bloom, with a sit-down restaurant in Brooklyn and a to-go spot in Tribeca, offers a wide array of clean, organic, raw vegan foods. The restaurant is home to one of my very favorite salads, the chef aimee macro salad. It’s made with massaged kale, live sesame ginger dressing, roasted veggies, avocado, sauerkraut, wakame, seasoned pumpkin seeds and cayenne pepper. It is one of the healthiest, most filling and most delicious salads in the city. If you’re feeling more like breakfast the Brooklyn location serves up a delicious breakfast menu which features items like the earth cup made with sprouted buckwheat, sunflower seed butter, dates, raisins, fresh banana, seasonal fruit and housemade rice mylk. And in the mood for a sandwich? Try the shiitake “bacon” BLT. Even the most ardent meat lovers will enjoy this. And we can’t talk about Sun in Bloom without mentioning their heavenly raw vegan cheesecakes that allow you to indulge without ever feeling guilty. Plus, this is a great spot for anyone who follows a gluten free diet too. And in the winter the make-your-own miso bowl is the most satisfying, delicious, nourishing miso soup you’ll ever have.  460 Bergen St (Brooklyn) & 165 Church St (Tribeca) suninbloom.com

    Juice Press

    Juice PressIf you want healthy, organic raw foods and juices on the go, Juice Press is your place. With locations all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, Juice Press is a New York favorite for quick, healthy food. Juice Press’ moto is that they are 100% organic, 99% of the time. This is some of the purest, cleanest food in the city. Their head chef Daniel Ceballos is a culinary mastermind. I’ve been lucky enough to try some of his custom creations like delicious stuffed roasted peppers and beautiful raw, organic, dairy-free dragon fruit ice cream. But on a normal day some of my favorites to pick up at Juice Press are the OMG! green juice made with celery, cucumber, pear, grapefruit, kale and parsley, the mini glo citrus juice made with grapefruit, lemon and orange, the heaven on earth smoothie made with homemade almond milk, banana, dates, raw almond butter, brown rice protein powder, raw cacao and cinnamon, the rainforest smoothie made with young thai coconut water, pineapple, banana, coconut meat, lemon juice, raw agave, ginger meat, superfood powder and fresh mint, the raw falafel salad, the best raw oatmeal for breakfast, acai superfood bowls, and the hot soups in the winter. 20+ locations around NYCjuicepress.com

    Jungle Cafe 

    Jungle Cafe

    Head to this Brooklyn spot for an abundant offering of healthy food and good energy. This restaurant was created by members of the Golden Drum Meditation Center. The concept is that customers can come in and enjoy healthy, clean, nourishing foods in a genuine, peaceful environment. The menu itself was actually created by a naturopath…how cool is that? And while the restaurant does offer an a la carte menu, one of the highlights is the robust buffet offering many delicious, healthy plant-based foods. Everything at Jungle Cafe was created with intention, from the colorful murals on the walls to the tables made of repurposed wood from Hurricane Sandy. The restaurant also offers free music every Thursday and many community programs. Some of my favorite items from the buffet were the sauerkraut, sweet potatoes, kale salad and the not-to-be-missed, perfectly prepared plantains. 996 Manhattan Ave (Brooklyn) junglecafenyc.com

    Blossom on Carmine

    Blossom on Carmine

    Blossom on Carmine is a great place to visit when part of your party wants to eat healthy and the other part is craving comfort food. While being known for their vegan comfort food (which is really delicious), Blossom on Carmine also offers a wide variety of healthy dishes like the taco trio, made with roasted adobo-spiced mushrooms, corn tortillas, cabbage, guacamole, carrot/poblano escabeche and micro cilantro, the kale salad made with mashed avocado, scallions, bell peppers, pomegranate seeds and an almond ginger dressing, and the create-your-own-bowl where you can mix and match an assortment of healthy veggies and grains. The restaurant has a friendly, welcoming vibe with walls that open up to the outside in the summer. And Blossom on Carmine features beautiful photography by one of their very own servers, Timothy aka Mississippi Vegan. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner daily, plus brunch on the weekends. 41 Carmine St (West Village) blossomnyc.com

    Angelica Kitchen

    Angelica KitchenAngelica Kitchen is the oldest running plant-based restaurant in NYC. The restaurant has been around for almost 40 years and it supports an impressive number of local farmers. The focus at Angelica Kitchen is to provide healthy, nourishing, well-balanced foods. As owner Leslie describes it, the food is so fresh and so local that each morning when it comes off the trucks from the farms it is humming with goodness. Angelica’s daily soups are so fantastic that I even order them in the summer. Another favorite of mine is the avocado and kimchee salad made with seasonal greens, watercress, housemade kimchee, nori strips, extra virgin olive oil, avocado and radish slices. If you want to try a little bit of everything, the fiesta plate allows you to pick and choose an assortment of items from the menu. Some of my favorites for the fiesta plate are the walnut-lentil pâte, curried cashew spread and ruby kraut. Plus, one can always count on Angelica’s daily specials to be healthy and satisfying. The restaurant has been drawing in health conscious locals for decades and continues to attract new generations of health conscious people along the way. 300 E 12th St (East Village) angelicakitchen.com

    Little Choc Apothecary

    Little Choc ApothecaryStepping into the cute-as-can-be Little Choc you’ll instantly be welcomed by a laid back, cozy atmosphere and the smell of mouth-watering good crepes. NYC’s first all vegan crepe shop offers savory and sweet crepes that are creatively filled with healthy, satisfying ingredients, all sourced from local farms. And in addition to being vegan, all the crepes at Little Choc are gluten-free too. I’m a huge fan of the burrito crepe made with avocado, coconut bacon, black beans, homemade chipotle hot sauce plus homemade cashew cheese and the garden of eatin’ crepe made with apple, avocado, fresh kale, mint-basil pesto and lemon juice. The goal of Little Choc is to make healthy, cruelty-free, delicious food more readily available to an ever-growing community of conscious eaters, and anything-goes foodies alike. And they do just that! Little Choc is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 141 Havemeyer St (Brooklyn) chocny.com


    QuintessenceQuintessence is one of the most peaceful, relaxing restaurants you’ll find in the city. From the quiet, calming spa music always playing in the background to the small, simple, minimalist space, this restaurant is here to fill your body with good food and your mind with peaceful energy. The raw vegan menu is served tapas style. Owner Mun transitioned to a tapas style menu with the intention of letting diners try as many dishes as desired, without becoming overly stuffed. Quintessence’s chia seed pudding is one of the best chia seed puddings I’ve ever had. It reminds me of rice pudding I used to eat as a child. The raw caesar salad also stands out as one of my favorite items on the menu. It is made with crisp romaine hearts, juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumber, avocado, caramelized onions and their own pine nut miso caesar dressing. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner on weekdays and all day brunch on the weekends. This is a perfect place for a relaxing, quiet, healthy meal. 263 E 10th St (East Village) raw-q.com

    To see Kim’s take on what stands out at these seven healthy restaurants check out her version of this post, here. And because this big city has even more delicious places than we could possibly squeeze into this list, here are four of my other favorite restaurants that offer some of NYC’s healthiest dishes. They are:

    Souen // Macrobiotic, vegan restaurant. Souen serves one of the most delicious macro bowls in the city. Located in Union Square, Soho and the East Village. souen.net

    Peacefood Cafe // A vegan kitchen and bakery. While this is one of my favorites for comfort food and desserts, they also serve some raw foods and a delicious vegan caesar salad. Located in Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side. peacefoodcafe.com

    The Squeeze // Juice bar and healthy plant-based to-go spot. If you want to blur the lines of healthy food and comfort food, this restaurant serves an incredibly delicious, healthy take on vegan mac and cheese. Located in Soho, Gansevoort Market, Midtown West & Brooklyn. thesqueezejuice.com

    Beyond Sushi // 100% vegan sushi. The rolls are creative and filled with healthy plant-based ingredients. Located in Union Square, Chelsea Market and Midtown West. beyondsushinyc.com