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  • A Peek Inside My Grocery Cart

    Happy Sunday everyone! I recently shared this photo on my Instagram account and received feedback that people liked to see what plant-based foods really look like. The purpose of this post is to give you an idea of what a plant-based diet can look like, and some of the delicious plant-based foods and products that are out there. This isn’t an example of meal planning for the week, this was just a quick grocery run to my local Whole Foods. Here’s a list of what I got:

    Pears, kiwis, bananas and sliced mango. These were for snacking on and to throw in smoothies.
    Garlic herb vegan cheese from Treeline Cheese. This is artisan vegan cheese! It tastes delicious and is so much better for us than dairy. (Read more about why dairy is bad for us here). Treeline Cheese is made from fine cashews. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, contains no cholesterol and it’s probiotic. Vegans and non-vegans alike will love this stuff. 

    Frozen pitaya for breakfast smoothies. The organic pitaya I bought is made by Pitaya Plus. It is non-GMO, 100% fruit, full of active enzymes, a good source of fiber and magnesium and has no added sugar.
    • Frozen organic strawberries and mango. Also for smoothies.
    Fresh squeezed orange juice. It’s cold and flu season so fresh squeezed OJ can help bolster our immune systems with its high concentration of vitamin C. Never get OJ with added (processed) sugar. Processed sugar actually has the opposite effect and makes us way more susceptible to getting sick. Also make sure to get your orange juice with pulp, as pulp has fiber, an important nutrient for our bodies. When we get rid of the pulp we also get rid of the fiber.
    Califia Farms almond milk. This almond milk is non-GMO and has 50% more calcium than cow’s milk. This was my first time getting this particular brand of almond milk and I really liked it. One cool thing about this almond milk is that it’s used in lots of coffee shops because it heats up nicely and makes for a great latte.
    Near East roasted red pepper and basil quinoa brown rice blend. I bought this to make for dinner one night with roasted veggies.
    Raw vegan kimchi. Kimchi is a Korean superfood made from fermented cabbage. This brand is Sunja’s and I bought the medium spicy kimchi. It was made with cabbage, carrots, sweet red pepper, leek, scallion, red hot pepper, garlic, ginger and sea salt. I also swear by kimchi whenever I think I’m getting sick. More to come on that in a future post I’m working on about natural cold remedies.
    Vegan almond coconut bar from Perfect Bar. This is my favorite for when I need a quick breakfast bar on the go. This is the only vegan bar by this company so make sure to check the label before you get it. This bar has 8 grams of whole food protein and 20+ organic super foods in it. Plus it’s non-GMO and gluten-free. I find it to be delicious and filling. Here’s what’s in it: organic dates, organic almond butter, organic dried cranberries, organic dried coconut, organic hemp protein, organic cocoa powder, organic chia powder, organic coconut oil, organic flax seed oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic sesame seed oil, organic olive oil, organic pumpkin seed oil, dried organic kale powder, dried organic rose hip powder, dried organic orange powder, dried organic lemon powder, dried organic papaya powder, dried organic tomato powder, dried organic apple powder, dried organic alfalfa powder, dried organic celery powder, dried organic kelp powder, dried organic dulse powder, dried organic carrot powder, and dried organic spinach powder. And with all that in it, it still tastes like a sweet breakfast bar.
    AiVy vegan spring rolls. It’s not often that I buy frozen prepared foods but on this day I was looking to try some new foods, so I bought these spring rolls and loved them! Since that day I went back and bought 3 more boxes. So perfect for when I get home late from work and need something easy to make. These spring rolls are filled with organic cabbage, carrots, onions and mushrooms.
    • Feel Good Foods gluten-free, vegetarian dumplings. I still haven’t tried these yet but I’m looking forward to doing so soon. With something like this that doesn’t say vegan on the front, a quick glance at the ingredient list on the back will let you know what’s in it.
    • Coconut-milk chocolate bar from Raaka Chocolate. This bar is dairy-free and made from virgin dark chocolate. A delicious sweet treat.




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  • All Natural Brands at Target

    TargetTargetTargetDid you know Target started in Minnesota? And that’s where I’m from too! Us Minnesotans have a lot of Target pride and lately I’m loving Target even more. That’s because more and more of my favorite all natural brands are being carried at their stores as part of the Target Made to Matter collection. I wrote about Made to Matter last year too and it just keeps getting better and better. Made to Matter is Target’s collection of all natural, organic and sustainable brands. AKA brands that are better for you and better for the environment. The goal of the Made to Matter collection is to make higher quality, cleaner products available to everyone…and they are doing just that!

    Plus, all natural brands are more often than not cruelty-free (aka not tested on animals), so that is another great feature of the Made to Matter collection.

    My friends at Pacifica recently sent me some Made to Matter goodies and I was so excited to see even more of my favorite brands featured. Today I’ve put together a list of my favorite products that you can now buy at Target!

    Beauty/Body Care


    Pacifica Dream Big Mascara – My number one mascara. It’s equally perfect for a night out on the town or just an everyday look.


    Pacifica Eye Shadow Palette – My go-to eye shadow palette. I use it myself and I’ve given it as a gift multiple times too!


    Pacifica Eyeliner – The only eyeliner I use. Love it.


    Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Hair Masque – This stuff has been a staple in my shower the last two years. Makes my hair so soft and shiny.


    Shea Moisture Hand & Body Scrub – This scrub has also been a staple in my shower the last two years. I love the smell and how smooth it leaves my skin.


    My favorite toothpastes are the Honest Company Mint Toothpaste and TOMS Toothpaste. I go back and forth between the two. Did you know most toothpaste is made with glycerin derived from animal fat? Pretty nasty to brush your teeth with that if you ask me. Look for all natural brands like these that use vegan aka plant-derived glycerin.



    Household Products

    Seventh Gen

    Seventh Generation Cleaning Supplies, Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap – I have everything from their multipurpose cleaner to their laundry detergent, dish soap, dish detergent, shower cleaner, glass cleaner and more. So does my mom!


    Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap – My favorite hand soap I’ve been using for years. You’ll find it in my kitchen and bathroom. My sister uses this brand too!


    Peanut Cups

    Justin’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – Always a favorite sweet and salty treat.

    vanilla almond butter

    Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter – Amazingly delicious on toast.



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  • Pure Genius Brownies & Blondies

    Pure GeniusPure GeniusPure GeniusPure GeniusPure GeniusPure GeniusHow good do these brownies and blondies look right about now? Would you believe me if I told you they’re actually good for you?? Not just not bad for you, but good for you! That’s because these sweet treats by Pure Genius are made with a special ingredient at the core of their recipes…beans!

    Pure Genius was created by a former health journalist and certified health coach who had one objective when she set out to satisfy her sweet tooth: to make the most incredible tasting healthy treats ever. And she did just that. The blondies and brownies are made of wholesome ingredients like whole beans, oats, maple syrup and dairy-free chocolate. They use garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas) as their sweet treat bean of choice and it’s amazing how delicious they taste. Because of those wholesome ingredients the bars are high in protein, high in fiber and low in calories. (Not that calories matter when you’re eating whole, plant-based foods, but hey, just sayin’.) They are also gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, nut-free, soy-free and kosher.

    For me they are the perfect late night snack to indulge in without any guilt. I had one last night while watching Odd Mom Out and it was tasty and absolutely satisfied my desire for something sweet. You can buy Pure Genius brownies and blondies directly on the Pure Genius website or check out their store locator for retailers near you.



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  • Rescue Chocolate

    Rescue ChocolateRescue ChocolateRescue ChocolateRescue ChocolateRescue Chocolate Rescue ChocolateRescue Chocolate

    This is part of why I love having a blog. So I can help spread the word about great companies and brands doing great things. Rescue Chocolate is one of those brands. Rescue Chocolate was started by Sarah Gross, a chocolate loving girl who also loves animals. Sarah got the great idea to combine those two loves into a brand that benefits animals, all while giving us humans something delicious to eat.

    Rescue Chocolate sells artisan, organic, vegan chocolate bars. A portion of sales from every chocolate bar goes to animal welfare organizations around the world. Some of the rescues they’ve helped are Foster Dogs NYC, No Kill Advocacy Center, Petfinder Foundation, Old Dog Haven, The Sato Project, Jerusalem SPCA, Farm Sanctuary, House Rabbit Society, United Animal Nations, Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti and many more. How cool is that? You can see the full list of organizations they’ve helped here.

    These chocolates make the best gift idea. Not only will the person receiving the chocolate bars love eating them, but you’ll all feel good knowing your money helped animals in need. As for flavors, the Peanut Butter Pit Bull is my absolute favorite Rescue Chocolate bar. It’s made with dark chocolate, peanut butter and toasted rice for added crunch! Other flavors include Forever Mocha, Foster-iffic Peppermint, Fakin’ Bacon, Pick Me Pepper, The Fix (pure dark chocolate), Salted Caramel Bow-Wow Bon Bons, Like White (vegan white chocolate – a rare find!), Bananas Foster Dogs and Mission Feral Fig.

    So keep Rescue Chocolate in mind next time you’re looking for a great, thoughtful gift to give. You can buy Rescue Chocolate directly from rescuechocolate.com or at these retailers. As their site says, Rescue Chocolate is the sweetest way to save a life. 🙂



    P.S. Rescue Chocolate bars are for consumption by humans only. No pups!