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Beauty Lovers Holiday Gift Guide (Cruelty-Free)

This holiday season I’ve decided to share with you not only my favorite beauty products, but my sister Paige’s as well. Earlier this month while on a family vacation, we sat in the backseat of our car during a two hour drive from Miami to Palm Beach and compiled a list of every single beauty product we use.… Read More Beauty Lovers Holiday Gift Guide (Cruelty-Free)

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Petit Vour Beauty Boxes

Want to find the best in luxury beauty and vegan products? Look no further than Petit Vour! Petit Vour offers monthly beauty box subscriptions that are, as they describe it, “inspired by the finer things and curated for the modern, ethical woman.” Through Petit Vour I have discovered so many amazing luxury beauty brands that create compassionate, clean, ethical products. Today I’m sharing with… Read More Petit Vour Beauty Boxes

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Asanda Spa Lounge Soho

Last month I got to spend a lovely afternoon at the Asanda Spa Lounge here in NYC. Asanda is an Aveda spa and salon located right in the heart of Soho. They offer everything from traditional spa services, like massages and facials, to traditional salon services like cuts, colors and blowouts. Aveda is a beauty brand that started… Read More Asanda Spa Lounge Soho

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The Ultimate Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2015

For all of you still looking for some fabulous last minute gift ideas, I’ve put together 30+ of my favorite gifts this holiday season. From jewelry to makeup to fun little knickknacks, I’ve got gifts that the ladies on your list will love to receive. And all under $100! 1 Golden Alphabet Tray 2 Black & Rose Gold Watch 3 Stone Phone Case 4 Mini… Read More The Ultimate Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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A Few of My Favorite Things!

So often I find new products and think, “This is so great, I have to share it on my blog!” And then…I never get around to it. So today I’ve put together a list of eight products I’m absolutely loving right now that I have been meaning to tell you all about for ages. As always these products are vegan, cruelty-free… Read More A Few of My Favorite Things!

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3 Nutrition Tips for Clear, Beautiful Skin

One of the lessons I’ve learned in my journey to healthy eating is that with good nutrition, comes clear, beautiful skin. When I was a teenager, college student and even graduate student I was constantly dealing with mild breakouts. My skin wasn’t horrible, but it also wasn’t clear. I tried prescription medications, changing products and… Read More 3 Nutrition Tips for Clear, Beautiful Skin

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All Natural Teeth Whitener & Dental Care from Well Scent

It’s funny how we can go our whole lives using some products without thinking about how they’re made or what impact they have on our health, the earth and animals. Even as aware as I am of issues like this, it didn’t occur to me until this past year that my generic toothpaste was probably loaded with chemicals… Read More All Natural Teeth Whitener & Dental Care from Well Scent

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Great Natural Beauty Brands Worth Knowing

I recently did an interview about my cruelty-free lifestyle over on one of my favorite blogs, Skinless In September. (You can read the full interview here if you’re interested.) The interview had me thinking a lot about the fact that one of the foremost reasons I started this blog is so that I can help spread awareness about anything I learn that I… Read More Great Natural Beauty Brands Worth Knowing

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12 Natural & Cruelty-Free Brands at Target

Natural, organic, sustainable and good-for-you products are finally going mainstream with Target’s Made to Matter collection! For the second year in a row Target has launched the eco-conscious Made to Matter collection that is made up of handpicked brands whose products are better for us and better for the world. All the products in the Made to Matter collection are made of high-quality, simple… Read More 12 Natural & Cruelty-Free Brands at Target