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  • Beauty Lovers Holiday Gift Guide (Cruelty-Free)

    This holiday season I’ve decided to share with you not only my favorite beauty products, but my sister Paige’s as well. Earlier this month while on a family vacation, we sat in the backseat of our car during a two hour drive from Miami to Palm Beach and compiled a list of every single beauty product we use. Then we narrowed that initial list down to this list of our absolute favorite beauty products from 2016. These are our tried-and-true favorites that we love and always ask to borrow from each other. And for all you animal lovers out there all these products are cruelty-free, which means they are not tested on animals. If you have any beauty or skincare lovers in your home these will make the perfect gifts. Hope you guys love them as much as Paige and I do!
    Tedi & Paige
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  • Snapshots: Life Lately

    Hi everyone! I’m starting a new little feature here on the blog today called Life Lately. One of my favorite types of posts that I read on other blogs are the ones where bloggers share little snapshots of their real lives. These posts will feature the photos that aren’t necessarily for a full blog post or an instagram post, but photos that were taken by me that inspired me in my day-to-day real life. Whether it’s something beautiful I saw, something delicious I ate, something inspirational I came across, something healthy I liked or just something plain happy, I want to share some of them with you! So here are some recent snapshots from my life lately. 🙂

    Spring has finally arrived in NYC and it is glorious! I took these pictures of these pretty trees in the East Village.


    How gorgeous are these tree branches with the flowers growing right out of them?! I’d never seen anything like it before and it was even more spectacular in person. My google research tells me that the tree is called an Eastern Redbud. They’re amazing!

    Last month was my birthday and I received these Farmacy gel masks as a gift. Farmacy‘s skincare products are unique in that they’re made from farm grown botanicals. I gave the masks a try this month and I absolutely love them! You place the mask on your face after washing and exfoliating and let it sit for 20-25 minutes. Then you remove the mask and massage the excess gel into your skin. I swear, my skin has never been softer! You can order a sample pack of the masks, here.

    Another thing I’ve been loving lately is coconut water. Did you know coconut water can be either pink or clear? The pink ones are extra special because coconut water that is especially rich in antioxidants turns pink when it comes into contact with oxygen. So you know when you see pink coconut water that it’s extra good for you. I took this photo at Terri NYC which is a plant-based fast food restaurant. That sandwich in the back is a vegan buffalo “chick’n” sandwich. Yum, yum!

    Since it’s gotten warmer out I also find myself craving more and more raw foods. This is my favorite Chef Aimee salad from Sun in Bloom, made of mostly raw ingredients. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ve probably seen it before. It comes with kale, avocado, sauerkraut, roasted veggies, wakame, spiced pumpkin seeds, sesame ginger dressing and cayenne pepper.

    Vegan Donut

    And while I have been eating lots more raw foods I also got to indulge in a special sweet treat this week…vegan donuts from Dun Well Doughnuts in Brooklyn! Dun Well Doughnuts is 100% vegan.

    Speaking of sweet things…I still have my super sweet foster dog Dickey! Dickey is estimated to be around 10 years old and he is both blind and deaf. He was even featured on Susie’s Senior Dogs (twice!) and no one has adopted him yet. He’s truly a wonderful, sweet dog that is pretty easy to take care of even with his special needs. He just needs a great home with a human that will love him and keep him safe. Oh and FYI – his favorite pastimes include sleeping, belly rubs and booty scratches!

    How sweet is that face? Dickey took a snooze on my lap while I ate lunch in the park.


    He is so patient and well-behaved even during bath time. And he is just so damn cute!

    If you or anyone you know may be interested in adopting Dickey please feel free to reach out by emailing me at tedi@tedisarah.com! I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this sweet boy.



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  • Petit Vour Beauty Boxes

    Petit VourWant to find the best in luxury beauty and vegan products? Look no further than Petit Vour! Petit Vour offers monthly beauty box subscriptions that are, as they describe it, “inspired by the finer things and curated for the modern, ethical woman.” Through Petit Vour I have discovered so many amazing luxury beauty brands that create compassionate, clean, ethical products. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite luxury vegan beauty products that I’ve found through my Petit Vour beauty boxes!


     ↓ Lily Lolo Eye Palette | AXIOLOGY Lipstick ↓

    Petit Vour 1

    ↑ Lily Lolo Pressed Blush in Coming Up Roses | Lily Lolo Makeup Brush Set ↑

    ↓ Kani Botanicals Petal Polish | Blissoma Scentless Stick Natural Deodorant ↓

    Petit Vour 2

    ↑ FLO+THEO Lavender Body Butter | MSC Skin Care Exfoliating Body Scrub (on sale)  ↑

     Activated Charcoal Cleanser | Meow Meow Tweet Spot Serum (great for blemishes) ↓

    Petit Vour 3

    ↑ EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner ↑



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  • Asanda Spa Lounge Soho

    AsandaScreen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.33.39 AMLast month I got to spend a lovely afternoon at the Asanda Spa Lounge here in NYC. Asanda is an Aveda spa and salon located right in the heart of Soho. They offer everything from traditional spa services, like massages and facials, to traditional salon services like cuts, colors and blowouts. Aveda is a beauty brand that started in my home state of Minnesota and what’s great about their Asanda Spa Lounge here in NYC is that their prices are much more Minnesota friendly (aka affordable) than other spas in New York City. And with its location right near the corner of Houston & Broadway it is the perfect place for people, especially tourists, to pop in and treat themselves after a day of shopping in Soho.

    Asanda Spa
    The front of Asanda is bustling with people there for their salon services and the back of Asanda, where the spa is located, is a quiet and serene little getaway.

    Asanda SpaAsanda SpaMost of the product brands used at Asanda are not tested on animals, which is great and not easy to come by at spas. Asanda is an awesome place to check out if you’re visiting the Soho area and looking to indulge yourself in a NYC spa service at a Minnesota price! And as my reader if you book your services with discount code TS20 you will receive 20% off your next massage, facial, blowout or nail service at Asanda!