Wool-Free Sweaters

wool-free sweaterwool-free sweaterwool-free sweater

It’s finally time for this highly requested vegan fashion post on all my favorite wool-free sweaters! I’ve been meaning to get this post up for a while but I’ve been oh-so-busy with my new foster dog, Pani. Did you guys catch her on my Instagram account? She’s certainly been stealing the show over there. So many of you have fallen in love with her, just like I have!

Pani came to NYC all the way from Iran. She was badly abused by her owners and then dumped on the streets. As a result of this abuse, she is paralyzed from the waist down. She was sent to the US by an amazing special needs rescue sanctuary based out of Iran. The sanctuary currently has over 200 dogs in their care and they are doing such good work. Pani is now here to find her forever family and get all the best care she can. She has appointments coming up to explore all her options including surgery, a doggy wheelchair, rehab, aquatic therapy, and anything else that might help her.

And despite all that Pani has been through, she is as sweet as can be. Just an absolute bundle of love. Even with all the diaper changing, midnight wake ups and special care needed for a dog with paralysis, I feel so lucky to know her and be her foster mom!

So that’s what’s been going on with me, but back to the post at hand, here are all my favorite wool-free sweaters from some of my favorite places to shop. My sweater is only available in a few sizes now, but I’ve linked a very similar one below and here. Hope these sweaters keep you guys extra cozy and warm this winter!



P.S. Here’s little Pani! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on her progress. 🙂

Tedi Sarah

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