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Wool-Free Winter Accessories

wool-free winter accessories

Hi guys! Did you see on my Instagram this past weekend that I took a secret trip to Chicago to surprise my sister for her engagement?! It was so fun and her fiancé did an amazing job not only with the proposal itself, but also pulling off a huge surprise party right afterwards. She had no idea the engagement would be happening that night. In fact, the proposal had to be delayed by an hour because she threw a curveball in everyone’s plans and went to yoga that evening instead of heading straight home. She had no idea that her friends and family had flown in town to celebrate with her and were all hiding out at the surprise party location.

And while celebrating her engagement in Chicago was so fun, damn it was cold! Not to say that NYC isn’t cold right now, because it’s definitely chilly, but it isn’t quite that cold yet. To stay warm in our respective cities, both my sister and I always gravitate to super cozy and soft fabrics that we can use to comfortably bundle up. We both really love anything and everything soft. And long before animal welfare was on our radar, and long before we ever made the connection that the wool in our clothes had to come from somewhere (that somewhere being a living being), my sister and I always opted for wool-free scarves because we find non-wool fabrics to be so much softer on our skin.

So, today I’m sharing my current favorite wool-free winter accessories. No itchiness or animal cruelty-involved. 🙂







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