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In My Cupboard: Red Lentil Pasta

Red Lentil PastaI love pasta. I really do. Here are my personal views on it…I don’t think that normal wheat pasta is necessarily bad for us…I just don’t think it’s so good for us either. It doesn’t add much to our diets in terms of vitamins and nutrients. It just sort of tastes yummy and fills us up but doesn’t do much more than that. And that is where red lentil pasta is different from the rest because it actually is good for us and contributes important vitamins and nutrients to our diet!

Red lentil pasta is made out of just one simple ingredient: organic red lentils. That’s it. And lentils are a great source of vegan protein. It tastes very similar to the regular wheat pastas we’re used to. I have been using Tolerant® Organic Red Lentil Rotini and listen to all these healthy facts about it:

  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • High protein, iron & fiber
  • Low glycemic index
  • Gluten-free
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Full of essential vitamins
  • Good source of energy

All that goodness is wrapped up into delicious little noodles. And, this pasta has 21 grams of protein per one 3 ounce serving. That’s right TWENTY-ONE grams! And one of the coolest things about this pasta is that it’s a great “meat” replacement in that you’re getting all the good stuff meat can offer, like protein and iron, but with none of the bad stuff meat has in it either, like high cholesterol, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, etc.Red Lentil Pasta

Now pasta can be a great, healthy, nutrient-rich choice. Add some red sauce and veggies and you’ve got a healthy meal right there. And I’ve been making it lately with Regal Vegan All Natural Superfood Pesto. The pesto is made out of kale, parsley, basil, nuts and other healthy ingredients. And of course it’s dairy free too.

Red Lentil Pasta

You can order Tolerant® Organic Red Lentil Pasta online here or at your local grocery/health food stores. You can buy Regal Vegan products at grocery stores in the NY area or online here.

Got any other great food items in your cupboard that you think I should know about? Leave a comment and let me know!

xo Tedi

12 thoughts on “In My Cupboard: Red Lentil Pasta

  1. Hi Ted, I brought this today after watching a u tube vid on vegan protiens cost €3.50 here in barcelona excited to try it was looking for recipes online when I came across you I always have mine with Pesto mmmm

  2. One of those recipes that you say, “why haven’t I thought about this.” Filling, Affordable, and Yummy. I used organic brown rice noodles because my grocery store did not have lentils.

  3. Recipe sounds wonderful BUT the red lentil pasta you recommended is so expensive. Tolerant – Organic Red Lentil Penne – 12 oz.
    Price: $13.98 ($13.98 / Count) Did I read that wrong???

  4. I have also been eating brown rice pasta for a while and am so excited to learn about this red lentil pasta, thanks for sharing with us Tedi! I think it’s a great option for kids too and a great way to get my toddler to eat protein. Can’t wait to try it.

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